We believe that all software should be easy to use, secure, reliable and responsive. To ensure that our products fit this model, we use the latest versions of Microsoft® .NET and SQL Server® technologies when developing.

Microsoft® .NET

We build all of our online Web applications using ASP.NET. Using .NET technologies ensures we can provide an easy-to-use experience fully integrated with a reliable, secure and fast SQL Server® back-end. Our Web applications are hosted in the cloud resulting in high availability and quick performance meaning you truly get the highest experience out of using our products. Our developers have numerous Microsoft® Certifications and are equipped with the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio® to ensure they have the best development environment available.

Microsoft SQL Server®

Both our client-server products and Web applications use Microsoft SQL Server® to perform complex database queries and handle numerous simultaeneous user requests. Using SQL Server® at the back-end of our systems means they have a strong reliable foundation with security built in. SQL Server® has huge potential for both small and large amounts of data which means it is highly adaptable to the ever-changing business environments we work with today.

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