Request Management


Request Management enables users to assign requests to other users for work which needs to be completed before certain deadlines. It provides a central repository of all requests and for easy tracking of their statuses.


  • Create requests under specific request types and sub-types.
  • Requests follow a workflow from point of creation to closure.
  • Requests are assigned to 'admin' users who progress the request.
  • Secure permissions feature ensures users only see requests they are allowed to see.
  • Can be used in all company departments - easy method of keeping track of all outstanding and closed requests.
  • Semi-bespoke so permissions and request types/workflows can be customised to suit your business.
  • Web application enables remote access to a range of platforms allowing for reliable remote-working.

Requestbox is our Request Management Platform developed by our sister company Requestbox Limited. Visit the Requestbox website.

Requestbox intro

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