Complex reporting


Complex reporting is a Web application designed to give authenticated users extensive visual data reporting and querying capabilities of an internal SQL database. Users can (with no experience) quickly and efficiently build queries through our simple query designer and export data in either a csv or Excel® format for further advanced data analysis.


  • Web application ensuring users have instant, easy, secure off-site access.
  • Quick and easy access to data.
  • Ideal for marketing/sales/finance departments to track sales and marketing data.
  • Different filtering modes allowing users to return only specific results - with no prior experience required.
  • Exists/Not Exists filters.
  • Data extraction for marketing ca,paigns or additional analysis (e.g. Excel®).
  • Works on most relational databases.
  • Save and load filters.
  • Designed to work with multiple data sources.
  • Canvas function to simplify filtering scope.
  • Build multiple sub-filters.

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