Contact Preference Centre

The task

To provide an easy to use service to enable a customer base to add/update preferences based on fields of study they are interested in whilst preventing duplicate input of information, and ensuring that only genuine users were entering their preferences.

The implementation

DMS developed a Web application integrated with our Contact Management software. This enables users to create an account where they can subscribe to both email and/or post formats of whichever subjects they are interested. Interests are then saved against a user’s record in Contact Management which enables tracking interests in a subject, and to reflect this through mail campaigns. Steps were taken to ensure an email address could only be used once to reduce duplicate entries, and to ensure that if people were already signed up, they would only be able to update their current preferences and to not create a new user with the same details. Captcha codes were also used to ensure only humans could enter data and not malicious scripts or coding.

The experience

Using the application is simple for all users. Users simply have to enter their contact information in order to create an account, and then select checkboxes of certain fields which take their interest. Doing so then enables customers to receive emails and postal information relating to the subjects which they subscribed. Customers are able to unsubscribe or change their details at any time should they wish therefore ensuring the data collection adheres to current Data Protection Act regulations.

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